Parasinus (cold and flu) – Cold busters 2

When your nose is stuffed / And you feel exhausted / Parasinus brings to you / The cold busters.

When you feel you’re burning / And fever comes in / Parasinus brings to you / The cold busters.

Announcer: The 3 active components of Parasinus hunt efficiently the symptoms of cold and flu. Got cold or caught a flu? Parasinus is you ally.


Unicredit Tiriac Bank – Refinancing loan

MVO1: And you are…

MVO2: Your account officer. From the bank you’ve got a personal loan from.

MVO3: IT… From the bank you’ve got the mortgage from. My colleague from cashier is also here…

FVO1: How are you?

MVO1: What could I say? I’m paying, I’m paying, I’m paying…

FVO2: From advertising dept. The bank which credited you for the car.

Announcer: When you’ve got more loans, you pay many times for the same service. Come to Unicredit Tiriac Bank, refinance your loans into a single one, with no loan fees.

Ketonal – pain killer

MVO: There are moments when world looks differently and feels differently. There are moments when seconds seem endless, when everything around has stopped.

Tagline: Don’t let the pain last. (A pun on similarity between “durere” = pain and “dureze” = (to) last.